Saturday, April 10, 2010

Xristos Anesti!

christ is risen.

We hope that anyone who bought holy week books during Holy Week enjoyed following the services. And we hope that every one of our readers had a safe and joyful easter!
A big thank you goes out to all who donated koulouria to be distributed to the prisons.
We were fortunate this year (and next) to have Easter at the same time as the Western faith. An example of why this is a good thing is that the public holiday allowed more people to come along and decorate the epitaphios on Holy Friday. It was wonderful to have so many children, parents, grandparents and families involved. The finished result was beautiful. Here are some pictures.
Anyone wishing to contribute any photos/stories/reflections from their experiences during Lent, Holy Week and Easter can email us any time. We are all here to share.


Kosta Atzemis said...

Alithos Anesti. It was the first opportunity we had, as a complete family, to assist in decorating the Epitaphios. What a lovely experience and one I will not forget in a hurry. I was truely grateful and humbled to be apart of such a significant affirmation of our faith.

Kaylene said...

Our involvement in the decoration of the Epitaphios was very special to myself and my children. We felt very included in the congregation. Thank you. Kaylene, Katholiki and Savvas Kritharides,

Michael said...

The effort made to encourage the small children to participate in this wonderful tradition is truly commendable. My young daughter was embraced as part of this church . I feel grateful to be part of a church that fosters the young. My daughter actual enjoys visiting the church. Thank you very much.