Friday, January 7, 2011

why water?

Epiphany 2010
We bring so many elements of creation into our services, but why is water chosen today? For one, it can not be made by humans. But it is also where we were born from and what we are made of.
This water we use to bless, serves to remind us of the sacrament of our baptism. To go back , revisit and read the prayers that were once said over us. There you will find the answer to the question I often get asked: How can I be a good Christian?   ~ fr Leslie        
 Read the prayers once said over you and the answer: here.

This Sunday the traditional blessing of the Sydney waters (and therefore creation) with the Holy Cross takes place at Yarra Bay, 9th January at 12.30pm. The celebrations, with music, food and rides proceed until 6pm in the evening.  

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