Saturday, July 23, 2011

enlighten my five simple senses

sunday july 24th: matthew 9:1-8

Jesus heals the paralytic man and some of those who saw this miracle said, "This Man blasphemes!" What Jesus says next is very important in our Tradition, "Why do you think evil in your hearts?"

Jesus for the first time brings thinking to the heart and feeling to the brain. Our bodies is our freedom. We must use all our facilities to approach God: our eyes, our mouth, our taste, our smell, our hearing, our thinking, our feeling. That is why in the baptismal service we bless the body and its faculties.

If you don't feel with your brain and think in your heart, our Tradition says, you're not human. You are not who you are meant to be. There is a saying in society, "that person is self-absorbed" or "self- centered." But in reality, when you lose your "self", you are absorbed. You are human, with the right mind. Those who are self-centered are in fact the opposite of who they are meant to be.

In an age where we identify with soul less objects, we must seek to identify and become more human with God. This movement towards your humaneness, is found in the Liturgy. In the life of Jesus Christ.

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