Monday, July 4, 2011

the HOW TO follow Jesus

Sunday 26th June: Gospel Mt 4:18-23

The Gospel tells us that there were fishermen who were casting nets when Jesus Christ walks by and says, “Follow Me”. In Greek this isΑκολοúθει μοι”. This word still applies to us and how we understand it.

Like the fishermen, whatever our work is, whatever our life is, wherever we find ourselves, whatever crosses our path, if in a shop, in whatever industry, hospitality or healing practice: find God there. Follow Him.

How do we follow Christ? Our spirituality would say three things:

  1. Ακολουθíα ” means service (a prayer service), a church service, therefore it follows, αt some point that there has to be a decision made: that I want church as part of my life.

  1. We have to say our prayers. This means: we can say them anywhere, at any time, in any place, in any environment. Not to say our prayers to show off or so that other people will know. Our prayer could be one sentence or one little word.

  1. Don’t forget God. Remembrance of  God. Μνημη Θεοú". The remembrance of God, is a term that saturates orthodox spirituality.  ~ fr Leslie

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