Wednesday, December 2, 2009

going going...gone!

the year of 2009

I am sure the cliche line of "where did the year go?", is being said more and more now as the year of 2009 draws to a close. We of Leichhardt fellowship would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a safe and healthy 2010. And to also say a big thank you to our readers out there in Australia and abroad. We look forward to continuing this blog and our mailing list in 2010.

Most importantly December 25th is the day that our God, "who for us and for our salvation, came down from heaven...and became human". We pray that everyone has a merry Christmas and that we come together (as the word "Christmas" suggests) to say a big thank you to God.

Before we go for the year, and as a side note: we had an overwhelming reply to our poll of 'why you didn't attend the State Youth Conference'. It seems with the result, that not only did people forget the conference was on...but forgot to poll their vote as well (thank you to the 3 people who voiced their reasons)! Maybe we'll just stick to the theory that everyone who reads this blog, attended the conference...and we'll stay away from the polls in future...

From St Gerasimos Fellowship,
Merry Christmas everyone!