Friday, July 30, 2010

our response

to the wonderful acts of God

The Central Youth Committee's retreat is set for 2010. Now you may think, "how will I know what I am doing in October from now? Something better may come up!"
But in actual fact: why not plan and book in a weekend or day out of town at Stanwell Tops?

"I don't know anyone to go with!", you may reply. 

Well that is why most people go to the retreat, to meet like minded Orthodox youth. Or why not ask someone you see at church to come along with you. Try it out.

"I'm too old..." 

If you are between the ages of 18-40 years - you are the youth of the Australian Orthodox church.

"It's too expensive"

There are packages available. The retreat is catered and has great deals for families.You can stay for the full weekend or just do a day visit to check out what goes on at a retreat.

Many last year who attended the Youth Conference asked for a retreat and had no idea there was one that actually was held annually

This year's topic is 'Miracles, and our response to the wonderful acts of God.'
Be the response to this invitation and be the miracle of youth coming together, as part of this retreat.

October 15th-17th
Applications close 16th September

For an application form click here

or please contact us with any other questions.