about...St Gerasimos fellowship


runs short course modules during the year. After a break, in 2009 two courses were held, each over a 4 week period. The first was during Great Lent titled: 'Step by step through Great Lent and Holy Week' and the second was titled: 'Desert community the prescription to city aloneness'. Both were held by our parish priest Reverend Fr. Leslie Kostoglou.
We also launched this blog as an avenue for everyone to share their experiences and thoughts, a resource for information for our courses and a current news companion. This blog is not only for the parishioners of St Gerasimos or attendees to our fellowship, but we invite everyone to contribute. Orthodox and non Orthodox.
We will try and keep this blog updated as regularly as possible and hope it comes to be as useful for our subscribers and visitors.
God Bless,
St Gerasimos Fellowship